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East End Stories,presented by the Parrish Art Museum, explores the enduring presence of artists on the East End of Long Island, New York. Since the 1870s, over 600 artists have lived, worked or vacationed on the East End of Long Island.You can learn more about Eunice Golden and her work on this website:


“Crucifixion #1” 1969 is reproduced on pages 416-417 in the recently released Rizzoli book (dated November 2010)“Naked: The Nude In America” By Bram Dijkstra.  Read the full text on pages 420 and 428.

"More complex imagery, such as that found in the 1969 painting "Crucifixion #1"... requires a more complex response.We are looking at what we must take to be, given the title, the image of a martyred woman, or perhaps that of a more generalized martyred womanhood, dramatically foreshortened to require us to acknowledge the centrality of the semiabstracted forms of a vagina and breasts but otherwise (apart from having a vaguely cruciform structure) looking more like a landscape than a crucified human being...there is an element of pain in this work, but also a rather formal sense of balance and harmony...

It is particularly surprising how few female artists have even attempted to paint men's genitals, let alone their erections. Eunice Golden is one of a relatively small group who has. A quote from an article she wrote about this subject, which appeared in Wack! Art and the Feminist Revolution (2007), effectively delineates some of the difficulties involved..."

© Bram Dijkstra, "Naked: The Nude in America" 2010, pages 420 and 428, Two page reproduction pages 416-417

"Crucifixion #1" is widely reproduced and discussed in numerous other publications such as "From the Center: Feminist Essays on Women's Art" and "Art-in America" by Lucy Lippard, and can be viewed on the website of the Brooklyn Museum's, Sackler Center for Feminist Art as well as the artists website.


Film Screening of “Blue Bananas and Other Meats” 1973 at The Pollock/Krasner House, 830 Springs Fireplace Road, East Hampton, NY . September 10, 2010 at 7PM.

Artists film series curated by Marion Wolberg Weiss.

“Golden’s most delectable encounter with the male nude occurred within the context of the short sixteen - millimeter film “Blue Bananas and Other Meats (1973)”.

Richard Meyer, Catalog for the exhibition “WACK ! : Art and The Feminist Revolution” , The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2007



The artist will participate in the 43rd Annual Artists Springs Invitational Exhibition August 6- 22, 2010. Curator:  Kimberly Goff (Elaine Benson Gallery).

The exhibition takes place at Ashawagh Hall, 780 Springs-Fireplace Road, Springs, East Hampton, NY 11937. Opening Reception August 6 , 4-7pm.



“Ms. Golden, whose most recent accolade was winning BEST ABSTRACT painting in the members show at Guild Hall  will open her East Hampton studio  to members of the Guild Hall Contemporaries group on Sunday July 18, 2010 to discuss her work and show some of her recent work. Guild Hall Contemporaries was formed  to promote visual, performing and literary arts programs.”

Elise D’Haene,  The Art Scene, The East Hampton Star, July 15, 2010 



Recent Award: Guild Hall Museum Members Exhibition April 24- June 5, 2010 BEST ABSTRACT AWARD by Benjamin Genocchio Art Critic for The New York Times for “Stasis #2

Review: "Consider Eunice Golden's "Stasis #2" named Best Abstract. While the style does not overtly resemble Golden's previous pieces where literal fragmentation of images predominates, there's hint, nonetheless, that  this configuration is merely part of a whole entity. It even evokes a sexual connotation consistent with Golden's past works from her feminist period: Golden's close-ups pack a punch."

Marion Wolberg Weiss, Art Commentary Dan's Papers April 30, 2010 page 52


Guild Hall Museum of East Hampton, NY  recently acquired the painting “Landscape # 160”  1972 for the permanent collection.

Now on view in “Acquisitions”:

Exhibition  opening October 24 through Jan 17 2010.

Museum Hours:Friday-Saturday 11 am to 5pm /  Sunday - 12pm-5pm


"Eunice Golden's Landscape #160 also falls into the amazing category due to context. Golden's mixed media work was done in 1972 and represents an early feminist perspective on sexuality (in this case, male sexuality). Its a deserving painting..."

Marion Wolberg Weiss, Art Commentary,  Dan's Papers Nov. 20, 2009  Review of "Acquisitions"

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